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Slide Scanning

Scanning your old slides can be time consuming and expensive if not performed by professionals. Let us help you preserve those precious memories for you. All you need to do is pick a scan resolution and the type of media to hold your new photo JPEG files.

How do I pick a scanning resolution?

  • 1200 dpi is perfect for slideshows, TV, social media and small prints
  • 2400 dpi is great for photo books, limited editing (zoom and crop) and will print to nearly A4 size,
  • 3200 dpi will provide advanced editing and print to print to nearly  A3 size
35mm Slides Image Size
in Pixels
Megapixel Approx Print
1200 dpi 1620 x 1070 1.7 4" x 6"
2400 dpi 3100 x 2050 6.3 7" x 10"
3200 dpi 4040 x 2880 12.2 10'" x 14"

The frame size  (Inside) of a 35mm slide varies depending on the manufacturer and age however it is usually about 34mm x 23mm. Scanner software will create a crop and we will end up with a scanning area of about 33mm x 21.5mm. We can however achieve maximum scanning area by not cropping. Please advise if that is required.

Your photo JPEG files will be saved to a 8GB USB flash drive for only $10 or if you prefer a super fast 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, for $20. In addition we can save to a DVD or CD and can now upload your slide photo files to either Goggle Cloud or Dropbox. More information can be found here

We suggest that you spend time on organising your slides by culling out of focus, dark and unimportant slides and to assist in this process we have a  number of slide viewers that can be borrowed for up to 7 days for free. 

Each slide is worked on post scanning to improve the colour, contrast and brightness. Cropping and correct orientation is also performed where required. 

35mm Slide Pricing

35mm Slides <500 Slides <1000 Slides >1500 Slides
1200 dpi $0.59 $0.54 $0.49
2400 dpi $0.66 $0.61 $0.56
3200 dpi $0.79 $0.74 $0.69
4800 dpi $0.95 $0.91 $0.86
Additional 8GB USB Flash Drives $15.00 each
Additional 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drives $20.00 each
Additional 16GB Flash Drives $25.00 each
Conditions of Slide Scanning

 - Minimum Charge of $55 inclusive of the USB flash drive applies to all Slide Scanning.
 - 110 slides have a 10% surcharge to cover additional manual work
 - 127 slides have a 20% surcharge to cover the additional scanning time of the larger transparancy.
 - Slides scanned using Digital ICE at 3200 dpi will have a surcharge of 20c and at 4800 dpi 35c per scan to cover       the additional scanning time.

Why Us

- Slides will be air brushed prior to scanning.
- Our professional scanners will then recolour slides to as close to original condition as possible (however results are dependent on the extent of the damage caused to the emolsion).
- Minor scratches and dust are removed by our software programs.
- Digital ICE can be applied to slides with extreme mould or typically in bad condition. This services is now FREE for all slides scanned at either 1200 or 2400dpi. For slides scanned at 3200 dpi there is a surcharge of 20c and at 4800 dpi 35c per scan.
- To add further value to our service we will retain a copy of your slide files for 6 months on our server in case of catastrophic loss and will replace your data on USB for only $20. We recommend safeguarding your precious memories by immediately backing up your new USB or data discs at the first available opportunity. Additional copies of the data can be supplied at the time of order.
- We have a cloud upload service that will see your photos files uploaded for a small fee to either Google Cloud Storage or to Dropbox. 
- To further safeguard your precious memories we recommend using our metropolitan courier service which is only $12.50 each way and on all orders over $500 it's free.
- We will accept your slides in Carousels or other feeder mechanisms, plastic sleeves as well as slides with metal surrounds at no additional cost. Thus saving you time and money!

Enjoy the Memories

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