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Scanning your old slides can be time consuming and expensive if not performed by professionals. Let us help you preserve those precious memories for you. All you need to do is pick the scanning resolution. 

Your photo JPEG files will be saved to a 8GB USB flash drive for only $10 or if you prefer a super fast 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, for $20. In addition we can upload your slide photo files to either Google Cloud or Dropbox for free.
We suggest that you spend time on organising your slides by culling out of focus, dark and unimportant slides and to assist in this process we have a number of slide viewers that can be borrowed for up to 7 days for free.

How do I pick a scanning resolution?


Image Size in Pixels


Approx Print Size

1200 dpi

1620 x 1070 


4 x 6

2400 dpi

3100 x 2050


7 x10

3200 dpi

4040 x 2880


10 x 14

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The frame size (Inside) of a 35mm slide varies depending on the manufacturer and age however it is usually about 34mm x 23mm. Scanner software will create a crop and we will end up with a scanning area of about 33mm x 21.5mm. We can however achieve maximum scanning area by not cropping. Please advise if that is required. 

Each slide is worked on post scanning to improve the colour, contrast and brightness. Cropping and correct orientation is also performed where required.

Digital ICE can also be used at the time of scanning to help reduce scratches, dust and mould. This service is free for all 1200 dpi and 2400 dpi scans. More information can be found here....

35 mm Slide Pricing





1200 dpi




2400 dpi




3200 dpi




Conditions of Slide Scanning
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