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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can we pay you?
Answer. We accept payment by Cheque, Direct Credit to our Bank Account and of course good old fashion cash.

2. How long will my order take?
Answer. Photo Digital Services acknowledge that you have made a commitment to save your precious memories and that you would like to have them back as soon as possible. At the time of order we will agree with you an acceptable delivery date which is normally within one week. We will always keep you advised of any delays in our delivery. 

3. Do you outsource to another company or country?
Answer. We proudly admit that all work is completed and has been completed here for the past 7 years at our office in Blacktown and is not outsourced to another company or sent to another country.

4. I have both the negatives and the prints, which should provide the better results?
Answer. Generally, you will get better results from the original negatives as long as they are in good condition.

5. Can I view the photo files on my television, computer or electronic photo frame?
Answer. Yes to all

6. Some of my slides and negatives have scratches and dust specs. Will this affect the result?
Answer. Within our basic service , each item is brushed and sprayed with compressed air to remove dust particles prior to scanning and we use Digital ICE technology to rework slides and negatives that have scratches or have been damaged by mould or dust during the scan. Our basic service includes Digital Ice Technology scanning when requied.

7. What is Digital ICE
Answer. Digital ICE is technology from within the scanner that automatically removes most surface defects, such as dust and scratches from scanned images, unlike the software-only solutions, it does not alter any underlying details of the image 

8. Why choose Photo Digital Services to complete this important job?
Answer. - All our work is completed in our Office at Blacktown and is not outsourced to another company nor is it shipped overseas for completion.
- Photographs, slides and negatives are air cleaned prior to scanning and minor scratches can be removed from slides using Digital ICE technology.
- We will discuss your requirements face to face at our office, your home or business and deliver to all Sydney suburbs (A small fee for this service may apply).
- Photos can be provided to us in Photo Albums however a small charge will apply to remove and replace. 

9. Do you return our Photos, Slides and Negatives when the work is completed?
Answer. Yes your originals are all returned to you on completion of work along with your Cd's or DVD's.

10. Do you keep a copy of my newly converted photo files?
Answer. Yes a backup of your photo files is kept for a period of 6 months free of charge. If you were to require a further copy of the files there will be a $20 charge to produce a further DVD. Please advise at the time of order if you would rather we didn't create a backup for you.

11. Can I drop off our negatives, slides etc in person?
Answer. Thats fine although we are not a shop front. Please phone us prior to ensure that someone is available to meet with you.

12. What are Large Format Negatives (4" x 5")?
Answer. For information regarding this format please visit 

13. What are Medium Format Negatives?
Answer. For information regarding this format please visit

14. Are you licenced to use music tracks in slideshows?
Answer. Yes w e are licenced by AMCOS/ARIA to use music recordings owned by our customers for slideshows of a personal nature and not including corporate, training or educational videos and any video made for sale to the general public.

15. Can you scan all types of slides?
Answer. Yes we can scan 35mm, 126, 127, 110, Glass Lantern Slides and even slides in metal mounts. 

16. I have a Powerpoint Presentaion that I would like converted to DVD Format. Can you do it?
Answer. Yes we can convert Powerpoint presentation files into either MPEG, AVI or DVD.

Enjoy the Memories

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