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Photo Upload to Cloud Service

The most important job on picking up or receiving your USB Flash Drive from Photo Digital Services is to backup locally at your home or business onto another drive and then to upload the photos to a cloud based account such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

This provides you with the ultimate mix of storage saftey and convenience as you have access to your precious photos anywhere in the world, and at any time you wish to view or download.

We understand that not everyone has the technical expertise to complete this task without assistance and that many households do not have fast interenet upload speeds.  However as both Dropbox and Google Drive offer free limited storage (up to 15Gb) it's a very inexspensive way of securing a backup of your family photos.

For a small setup fee of $20 and an upload fee of between 1c and 2c per photo we will,
- Set up an account for you
- Upload the photo images
- Hand the account over to you (password change)
- Provide you with assistance on how to use if required.

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Photo Backup
Account Setup Qty to Upload
less than 1000
Qty to Upload
more than 1000
Qty to Upload
more than 5000

Google Drive or
$20.00 2c 1.5c 1c

As an example you have 1200 photos being scanned by us; we will either upload these photos to your existing cloud account or create a new account for you. This can all hapen within a few hours and this service will only cost you a set up fee of $20.00 plus 1.5c per photo. Total $38.00.

Enjoy the Memories

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