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Photo Album Scanning

Photo Digital Services provides professional and affordable scanning and is able to scan your precious Photo Albums and Photos up to A3 Size. Photos are scanned at a resolution of either 300, 600 or 1200 dpi and saved to either USB or DVD and we will even remove and if necessary replace your photos to the album.

Photos are stuck to the page? ... We have the capability to scan photo album pages and then our Kodak Picture System software seperates the images, auto crops and saves as a JPEG file. 

How do I pick a scanning resolution?

  • 300 dpi is perfect for slideshows, TV, social media and small prints
  • 600 dpi is great for photo books, limited editing (zoom and crop) and will print to nearly A4 size,
  • 1200 dpi will provide advanced editing and print to print to nearly  A3 size

Photos in Album Pricing 

Photos removed
by us from albums
<500 <1000 <1500 1500 +
300 dpi $0.49 $0.46 $0.42 $0.38
600 dpi $0.59 $0.56
$0.52 $0.48
1200 dpi $0.69 $0.66 $0.62 $0.58

Scanning Of Album Pages Pricing - includes auto cropping

Album pages
>100 pages <250 pages >500 pages
300 dpi $2.50 $2.35 $2.20
600 dpi $3.10 $2.75

    Conditions of Album Scanning
    - Maximum of 8 photos per page
    - No over lapping of photos


    Cropping and straightening of photos from album pages $0.35 each
    Additional 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drives $15.00 each
    Additional 8GB USB 3.0 Flash Drives $20.00 each
    DVD/CD Duplication with Presentation Case  $20.00
    Minimum charge on photo scanning (inclusive of USB) $55.00

    Why Us

    There is a $55 minimum charge which includes the USB Flash Drive, on all photo scanning orders.

    - A back up copy of your photos are kept on our servers for 6 months.
    - To further safeguard your precious memories we have a courier service that will pick up and deliver in the Sydney Metropolitan area on all orders under $500 for   $12.50 each way (per 20 kg) and for orders over $500 for free.
    - Photos will be accepted in photo albums with plastic pockets or sleeves and removed at no additional charge.(Standard pricing as per above tables)
    - Photos that stick to album pages can be scanned as a whole page, then straightened and cropped to create individual photos - See charges above in Extras.
    - Photos can be returned to albums for an additional $15 for albums up to 60 pages and $20 for 100 page albums.

    Enjoy the Memories

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